On the Pipe 7


Amidst the stars of FMX and racing there is an elite group of hard core freeriders who thrive to achieve the impossible. Some pursue this unimaginable mindset for fame and fortune and others do it strictly for passion and and self satisfaction. They live to progress the sport in a different way not usually seen by a mainstream audience.

OTP7 will showcase these hard working individuals motocross/ FMX athletes pushing the boundaries of what is possible between man and machine. In this 7th and final installment of the On the Pipe series, Powerband Films takes you on a journey across the globe to get an inside look at why these individuals are so determined to change the course of history. Travel to Thomas Pages’ training facility in Minerve’ France for an inside look at how the Pages brothers became the most progressive FMX riders of all time.

Then head to the Island of Maui, Hawaii for the first ever freeride shoot in this surreal island Oasis. Follow daredevil legend Robbie Maddison through his trials and tribulations of creating the first true motorcycle to ride long distance across water. Meet the new long distance jump King Alex Harvil who shatters the overall distance record at 425 feet.

Join the greatest sand dune rider of all time Josh Grant as he turns Glamis Dunes into his private playground. Finally head to Pala raceway in San Diego, California where Brian McCarty (A.K.A McGnarly) pulls off the impossible, a 3 jump daredevil line which includes a 200 foot world record backflip.

With over 100 hours of tractor work we have built the biggest and most dangerous freeride jumps in history. Follow us an adventure of mind blowing feats which which will leave you believing “Nothings Impossible”.

Locations: France, Maui, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Califronia, Washington, Florida, Arizona



On the Pipe 6


On The Pipe 6- A film by Jay Schweitzer and Mike McEntire Two years in the making, Jay Schweitzer and Mike McEntire have gone all out for this latest Release of On the Pipe 6 "Pack it Up". With the sport of FMX having reached a global takeover, we decided to travel the world in search of the best compounds, freeriding and freeriders known to man. Join us as we travel to Alicante, Spain to Andre Villas training facility with the Pages brothers and Edgar Torrenteras while we capture the most technical ramp riding session in history. Minerve, France is next on the list to Jeremy Rounets European ultimate freeride line. Fly through the trees of Joe Gibbs private MX track in North Carolina with Josh Grant. Join team USA in Colorado while we defend our MX Nations title against the worlds best racers. Head to the most remote freeride zones in California and Arizona with the Godfather Mike Metzger and witness an awe-inspiring display of natural terrain riding. Follow the up an coming freeride phenomenon Brody Wilson from California, Montana and finally his compound in Massachusetts for an intense look at the east coast riding scene. Witness the NVHC crew crush our newest tractor built freeride 6 pack line in Red Bluff, California. Get an exclusive look into the Metal Mulisha compound at Deegans house as Twitch, Potter and crew flip the biggest dirt jump in history. Hang with the Robbie Maddison from his brand new compound at his house in Temecula, California to Picton, Australia for his very own Red Bull X-ray event on the biggest freeride jumps in Australia. With over seven helicopter shoots, brand new riding spots and the most elite FMX riders across the globe OTP6 is the most progressive FMX and freeride movie of the decade. OTP6 will make you want to get off the couch, pack it up and head to the hills. Riders include: Josh Grant, Andre Villa, Charles and Thomas Pages, Edgar Torronteras, Robbie Maddison, Brian Deegan, Mike Mason, Adam Jones, Beau Bamburg, Todd Potter, Jeremy Stenberg, Taka Higashino, Brody Wilson, Mike Metzger, Paris Rosen, Jackson Strong, Robbie Adelberg, Javier Villegas, Dan Pastor, Levi Sherwood, Lance Coury and basically anyone else who is sick on a dirt bike we forgot to mention. Bands include: Swollen Members, Rise Against, Strung Out, The Black Pacific, Steel Panther, Accept, Death Angel, In Flames and many more.



On the Pipe 5

Jay Schweitzer & Mike McEntire


Powerband Films is Proud to Release “On The Pipe 5”. Shot entirely in HD with the best riders in the world, OTP5 unleashes a cinematic showcase of freestyle, race and freeride motocross action. Join Josh Grant in the So-Cal Dunes as he crushes the biggest 4th gear double of the year. Come with us to the barren wastelands of Nevada to check out the new Livefast Compound with an all star Reno Crew. Travel to England to witness Ryan Villopoto help Team USA secure another MX of Nations Title. OTP5 is dedicated to our fallen hero and friend Jeremy Lusk. Jeremy conquers his favorite riding sports and provides an in depth look into his MMA training regiment and how it lead to his becoming the number one FMX Rider in the World. OTP5 has it all from private track sessions with Bubba Stewart and Ricky Carmichael, to spectacular helicopter shoots in Canada and Arizona. Powerband Films captures the highest level of the sport and once again proves why the “On The Pipe” series has become a classic in the motocross world.



On the Pipe 4 - Another Score

Jay Schweitzer & Mike McEntire


Just when you thought all the sick riding spots were played out, Powerband Films presents, On The Pipe 4: Another Score. Take a trip across the other side of the globe to the best freeride spot in Australia known as the Red Bull Xray event. Created, envisioned and hosted by Robbie Maddison, this event has taken freeriding to the next level as FMX'rs and racers join forces to whip and flip the biggest jumps in OZ. Travel to Sweden with Andre Villa for a look at the Scandanavian FMX scene. Join Ryan Capes as he breaks the world distance trick record in the harshest blizzard conditions in Washington state with a 253 foot heart attack. Riders include: Dustin Miller, Mike Mason, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Ronnie Renner, Travis Pastrana, Ryan Villapoto, Adam Jones, Todd Potter, Ben Townley, Robbie Maddison, Andre Villa, and many, many more.



On the Pipe 3 - Another Hit

Jay Schweitzer & Mike McEntire


Powerband picks up where we left off and brings you the most technical freeride movie in the world. Once again Ryan Capes attempts to break every record known to man as he attempts to break the ramp to ramp record at the Evel Knievel days in Butte Montana. Follow Trigger Gum to Oklahoma for the worst crash of the year as he attempts to break Ryans distance record. Visit England for the MX Nations race as team USA takes on the world and 10 time world champion Stefan Everts races his last moto. Watch Twitch break the backflip distance world record at 155 feet at Fitzpatricks ranch. Pastrana pulls off a perfect double backflip. Join the top natural terrain specialists in Glamis for the 3rd annual Red Bull Ride to the Hills. Riders include: Ricky Carmichael, Dustin Miller, Mike Mason, Mike Metzger, Ronnie Renner, Jeremy Carter, Josh Grant and many more.



On the Pipe 2 - Still Smokin

Jay Schweitzer & Mike McEntire


In the ever evolving sport of motocross there is only one company which not only strives to bring you the best cinematic film but also helps to push the sport to the next level. Powerband Films brings you On the Pipe 2 "Still Smokin". This year Powerband has built over 18 new huge freeride jumps for this video specifically. Travel to 4 different outdoor nationals. Watch the best helicopter footage ever seen in any moto film from Jackpot Ranch, Danimals Domain and Sand Hollow Dunes as riders connect multiple 150ft jumps in a row. Visit the 2 time 125 supercross and outdoor champion Ivan Tedesco's in his outdoor training grounds. Score the exclusive pass into Ricky Carmichaels own backyard in Cairo, GA for the DC shoot. Finally end it all with the biggest jump ever in history as Ryan Capes smashes the world distance and height record with a 310 foot air 58 feet high in Seattle, WA. Bands include: NOFX, Pennywise, Turbonegro, Swolen Members, Luna Coil and more. Shot entirely on super 16mm and HD no other video can compare with the content and quality. Get ready for the ride of your life!



On the Pipe 1

Jay Schweitzer & Mike McEntire


Powerband Films presents On The Pipe 1, from Producer Jay Schweitzer of Crush and the MOTO XXX series in conjunction with Mike McEntire A.K.A Mack Dawg Productions, a new prodigy of film entertainment explodes into moto reality. Watch the heaviest crash of the year as Dan Pastor self destructs over 230 feet to flat and live to talk about it. Head to the Hills for an exclusive look at the first ever natural terrain contest "Ride to the Hills" with 150 foot hill jumps, hips and 160 foot step ups. Go back to where freeriding started in Reche Canyon and ride with Parsons and Twitch of huge step ups and the first ever wall ride. Witness Colin Morrison jump over a 150 foot moving train 5th gear. Travel to Mammoth for the last MX national in the Southern Sierra's. Check out the newest fun boxes and jibs in the biz at Jesse Olson's House. This 16 mm film has it all from racing to the best natural terrain ever caught on film.