About Powerband Films

Powerband Films has dedicated the last 20+ years to rejuvenating freestyle motocross and bringing it back to it’s roots, FREERIDING. Powerband Films is not only a motocross dvd company we specialize in making TV shows and producing motocross contests. In the last few years we have single handedly created the meca freeriding destinations known as Jackpot Ranch, Danimals Domain, and Frankensteins which have proven to be the best motocross riding areas in the world. Powerband Films brings a hollywood feel to everything it creates and still manages to stay true to the core riders and their image.

In addition to the On the Pipe motocross films we produce, we also shoot and direct several sports commercials including offroad trucks, toys, and feature profiles on athletes. We shoot with the red digital cinema camera system.


About Jay Schweitzer

Jay Schweitzer, where do we start to only introduce a mindful of media pioneers such as Jay? To start Jay has a history of passion for film, which started while attending Sierra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe. Graduating with a bachelors degree in Business Administration, and a minor in Electronic Arts, Jay set course on a successful path of becoming the best in the business.

It was the late 90’s, Jay meet-up while interning under Mack Dawg Productions, which was the leading snowboard film company in the world. Mike McEntire taught Jay the in’s-and-out’s of becoming a filmer and editor. While in the field, Jay meet Kurt Haller owner of MOTO XXX as he assisted Kurt operating his business up in Santa Barbara, CA. In addition to his day job, Jay made the MOTO XXX 3-6 videos with Kurt where Jay organized film shoots, shot and edited the videos. Jay created the ultimate punk rock music DVD called Eargasm. Eargasm features live performances from top bands such as NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies, Strung Out and many more. In 2002 Mad Mike Jones and Jay teamed up and produced Mad Mikes Mayhem which nearly killed me. In 2003 Jay was approached by Transworld Motocross Magazine to make their first ever motocross film Crush.

After Crush, Jay decided to fulfill the demand to the motocross enthusiasts and show more natural terrain riding. Freestyle motocross had progressed with tricks, however the trend had taken it more to ramp riding instead of freeriding in the hills. Jay got together with Doug Parsons and created the first ever-natural terrain competition known as Ride to the Hills. Jay produced a half hour TV show for the Fuel TV Network on the contest. 2004 would mark the pinnacle of my career when Jay hooked up with my old mentor Mike McEntire (A.K.A Mack Dawg Productions) and created Powerband Films. Powerband Films gave birth to On The Pipe. For this film Jay decided to take a chance and build all our own natural terrain jumps on private ranch properties known as Danimals and Jackpot Ranch.

Jay created huge 200 foot hill jumps, off camber hips, step-downs, cliff drops and other various Ii phenomenon’s. On the Pipe features the top motocross and freestyle riders in the world including Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Adam Jones, Dustin Miller, Ronnie Renner, Jeremy Lusk, Travis Pastrana, Twitch, Potter, Mike Mason and tons more. Ride to the Hills became such a success that Red Bull and Powerband Films teamed up to become partners with them on the newly acclaimed venture, Red Bull Ride to the Hills. In 2005 Jay produced the Red Bull Ride to the Hills, which was shown on NBC Jeep Adventure series and also on Showtime Network. In December 2005 Jay released, On the pipe 2 “Still Smokin”. In June of 2006 Powerband Films completed a half hour show for Fuel Network on Ryan Capes 310 foot World Record jump. 2007 Jay released On the Pipe four and went global traveling to Australia and Sweden. Jay filmed the Australia Open Tennis in 2007 and 2008 for ESPN. Jay also was lucky enough to film Wimbledon in the summer of 2007. When Jay got back it was tine for the Red Bull Ride to the Hills 3 in Ocotillo Wells and Glamis. Jay was the D.P on this In 2008 Mack Dawg and Jay both bought the Red Digital Camera system as soon as it was available and made the full switch from super 16mm film to digital. Since then Jay have worked on tons of various action sports feature shoots and recently released, On the Pipe 5. Mike and Jay have been working on a new project on distance jumping with Robbie Maddison, Ryan Capes and other old school daredevils. This film will be the biggest project Powerband has ever released. The creation of On The Pipe 6 was in full tune, as Jay became a highly respected resource to Metal Mulisha and Media / Content editor, Shane Ruiz. Jay, like the rest of his films slammed dunked OTP6 and began the Metal Mulisha film, Black Friday.

With a list of many more films that could be mentioned, Jay has proven and earned the right to be claimed as the best in the business. Creative, hardworking, powerful relationships, selfless service and many more qualities can’t describe the work and personal ethic and value Jay represents.